Nov 04

Memories and Challenges

Lots of memories this week. 16 years ago today Beverly Hall Williamson went to her heavenly home. 2 1/2 years later in July 2004 the little girl who gave all the money she had in an alabaster offering to build churches and hospitals around the world had a church built... read more →
Nov 03

Saying goodbye

I sold a box on Etsy this week and I felt a bit of sadness as I packed it up to ship. It was  as if I was saying goodbye to an old friend. Odd as it sounds (since they are made to sell) so much of myself goes into... read more →
Oct 13
Sep 29

Dead Grass

While doing my annual fall yard work, it dawned on me that there are certain spots in the lawn that I reseed every fall. Not wanting to replicate past failure, I decided to try something different. I decided to dig out the spot and refill it with topsoil instead of... read more →
Aug 31
Aug 22


I am celebrating today as I created my 500th job! 5 years into this journey of self-employment I have learned many life lessons, but one of the biggest is gratitude. And I am super grateful that 500 different times folks have trusted me to create something for them. There have... read more →
Apr 13

Really Caring About People

I read this outstanding blog article by Josh Becker at recently. Check it out at the link at the end of this post. It made me think about a related question: "Do you really care about people as you conduct your business or do you just care about what they can... read more →
Mar 30
Feb 22

A Brand New Blog

What do you write about in a brand new blog? Lots of things have swirled around in my head, but I think I want to explore for a moment the relationship of different forms of creative expression and how one unrelated pursuit can strengthen and infuse another creative pursuit with... read more →